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Part Number:BFT Deimos BT 24V

BFT Deimos Gate Opener

Kit Includes

  • 1 Mitto Remote Control
  • 1 Reflective Safety Beam


The DEIMOS BT UL actuator offers ample installation versatility thanks to its compactness, the extremely low position of its pinion as well as the height and depth adjustments available. The adjustable electronic torque limiter ensures antisquash safety. The emergency manual manoeuvre can be activated very easily by means of a knob.

The end-of-run stop is controlled by electromechanical limit microswitches. The control unit is incorporated. Before each manoeuvre, the control unit performs a check of the operation relays and safety devices (photocells, rubber skirt, etc.). The incorporated control panel checks the drive relays and safety devices (photocells and safety edge) before carrying out any manoeuvre.


  • If correctly installed and used, this automation device satisfies the required safety level standards. However, it is advisable to observe some practical rules in order to avoid accidental problems. Before using the automation device, carefully read the operation instructions and keep them for future reference.
  • Keep children, persons and things outside the automation working area, particularly during operation.
  • Keep radio control or other control devices out of children’s reach, in order to avoid any unintentional automation activation.
  • Do not intentionally oppose the leaf movement.
  • Do not attempt to open the gate by hand, if the actuator has not been released by means of the appropriate release knob.
  • Do not modify the automation components.
  • In case of malfunction, disconnect the power supply, activate the emergency release to gain access to the actuator and request the assistance of a qualified technician (installer).
  • Before proceeding to any external cleaning operation, disconnect the mains powers supply and at least one of the battery pole, if fitted.
  • Keep the photocell optical components and luminous signal indication devices clean.
  • Check that the safety devices (photocells) are not obscured by branches or shrubs.
  • For any direct assistance to the automation system, request the assistance of a qualified technician (installer).
  • Have qualified personnel check the automation system once a year.
  • Entrance is reserved for vehicles, provide a separate entrance for pedestrians.
Control panel QSC D UL (incorporated)
Reversible/irreversible operator irreversible
Power supply 120 V 60 Hz single-phase
Absorbed power 0.1 hp (70 W)
Thermal protection integrated in the control unit
Leaf speed 7.9 ips (12 m/min)
Output rotational speed 79 rpm
Pinion pitch 4 mm (14 teeth), 18 teeth pinion optional
Impact reaction electronic torque limiter
Limit switches electromechanical
Manual release mechanical release with knob
Operating cycle intensive use
Environmental conditions from 5°F (-15°C) to 140°F (+60°C)
Degree of protection IP24
Operator weight 16 lbs (~7 kg)
Fuse value (qsc board tansformer) 0.63A T
fuse value (QS C board logic unit) 2A T

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