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BFT IGEA BT SWING GATE MOTOR 24V (( operator only ))

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Part Number:BFT Igea BT operator only


BFT IGEA is a great electromechanical motor for automating the swing gate with a leaf of up to 2,5 m in length and weighting up to 250 kg. it can be mounted on pillars of the big dimensions (even 30 cm) and opening up to 125°. The anti-crushing protection system automatically inverts motions preventing damage to people and property in case of detecting any obstacle.

The system of coded limit switches reduces the complexity of wiring, increasing the simplicity and speed of installation. There is just a single wire carried to the control board instead of three. What’s more, the system is able to automatically discern the difference between the open and closed limit switch, which save the time and wiring errors. It is available in two voltage versions: 230V and 24V. the control board is compatible with the EElink protocol.

This controller is suitable for residential use and has been designed for swing gates with particularly large gate posts. The drive arm, built with a special anti-shearing shape, allows the leaves to be moved when the controller is considerably out of place with respect to the fulcrum of the leaves. The non-reversible electro-mechanical gearmotor maintains the stop during closing and opening. The release knob with personalised key, fitted outside each operator, makes manual manoeuvre extremely easy.


Great versatility thanks to the levers that permit installation on large sized pillars, opening up to 125°. Maximum offset 12” (30 cm).


  • Control unit compatible with the EELink protocol.

  • This version powered at 24V is specially designed for simpler and faster installation in compliance with latest safety standards.
  • Thanks to the antisquashing system, the operator reverses motion and prevents damage to people and vehicles in the event of contact.

  • BFT’s system of coded limit switches makes it possible to reduce the complexity of wiring the low-voltage motors: a single wire is carried to the control panel instead of the three or five normally required, thereby increasing the simplicity and speed of installation. Furthermore, the system is able to automatically distinguish between the open limit switch and the closed one and hence prevent wasted time and wiring errors.
  • 24V DC and 120V AC electromechanical operators for residential use for gate up to 550Lbs and 10Ft.
  • Incorporated electrical limit switches; Electronic obstruction detection device from the control panel.
  • Adjustable slow-down on opening and closing.
  • Opening up to 125 Degrees in 15 seconds.


P935070 00002 IGEA BT 24 V up to 550 lbs (~250 kg) up to 10’ (3 m)
R935229 00004 IGEA BT KIT 2 OPERATORS 24 V up to 550 lbs (~250 kg) up to 10’ (3 m)
R935229 00003 IGEA BT KIT 1 OPERATORS 24 V up to 550 lbs (~250 kg) up to 10’ (3 m)


Control panel LIBRA UL R
Reversible/irreversible operator irreversible
Power supply 120 V 60 Hz single-phase
Absorbed power 0.05 hp (40 W)
Thermal protection integrated in the control panel
Opening or closing time 15 s
Impact reaction torque limiter integrated in the control panel
Type of lock mechanical opening/closing
Manual release release knob with personalised key
Operating cycle intensive use
Environmental conditions from 5°F (-15°C) to 140°F (+60°C)
Degree of protection IP44
Operator weight 35 lbs (~16 kg)
Dimensions see drawing next page
fuse value libra board transformer 2A T
fuse value libra board logic board 1A T