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Driveway Gate Mid Evil

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Part Number:Mid Evil

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Custom Sizes Available
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Single Swing
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Double Swing
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10ft Wide - 6ft in Height [+$5,400.00]
12ft Wide - 6ft in Height [+$6,480.00]
14ft Wide - 6ft in Height [+$7,560.00]
16ft Wide - 6ft in Height [+$8,640.00]

Sliding Gate


VTrack, Wheels, Guide Rollers, Cacher, Tail for gate Openers and Hardware.

Swing Gate


Attaching Brackets, J.Bolf adjustible Hinges, Door Bar and gate latches or Angles Plates for Openers

Desing description:

  • Frame: 2 x 2 x .125
  • Frame Hinge Side: 2 x 2 x .187
  • Desings:
  • Pikets:
  • Horizontal:
  • Bottom:
  • Top Plate:
  • Arch:
  • Post:
  • Drop Bar:
  • ------------------------------------->Note: Larger Frame will be use on large gate<----------------------------------

    The first impression you make with guests is with an Entry Gate. With this stylish Entry Gate, you can make sure that this first impression is the right one. Here you are sure to find an Entry Gate to impress. An entry gate can transform your home into a castle. We construct gates in a variety of shapes and sizes all designed to your specifications.

    Entry gates can be affixed to existing brickwork, a variety of styles can be achieved with metal entry gates Our entry gates and garden gates offer the elegant appearance and character of wrought iron gate design. However, the construction materials of aluminum gates offer distinct advantages. An aluminum driveway gate will cost about the same but will weigh a fraction of wrought iron gates of equal  proportions. This results in greater ease in installation and less structural support required. Add to that substantially reduced shipping costs and themaintenance free durability of aluminum gates. All of these advantages spell savings to you.

    Best Functions and Qualities of Gate Entry System

    Technology and safety have effective convergence in guaranteeing that we have the best services for our home facilities. If you are concerned about protecting your homes from any transgressions and illegal entry or exit, you could invest and install your own Gate Entry System. This sounds luxurious and high-end, which is what it opts to be, but at the same time, calls for functionality and ease-of-use. How can you get your own set of this system with expedience? By relying to the options from this agency, all your home entries will be centralized, managed and controlled in an easy and secured manner.

    Gate Entry System is characterized with fully-functional electronic boards and control boards to offer homeowners or business operator full control and accessibility to their driveway gates. They are utilized by many as they offer affordable and highly-functional sets of the following:

    • Modern, Custom and Privacy driveway Gates
    • Modern and Private garden Gates
    • Fencing systems
    • Modern Balcony Railing
    • Gate Operators
    • Remote controls
    • Telephone Entry

    As one of the leading manufacturers and providers of these engineering and security facility, they have guaranteed that they extend only durable and quality aluminium and wrought iron products. Their wide-range of deals also present original manufacturer with high-grade materials. Thus, you could maximize full control to your gate’s security system with this agency. With the help of this agency, you could have the best pieces of gate control with minimum spending.


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