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Driveway Gate Royalty

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Custom Sizes Available
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Single Slide
Single Swing
Double Slide
Double Swing
Sizes Available ( Click To Select )
10ft Wide - 6ft in Height [+$7,452.00]
12ft Wide - 6ft in Height [+$8,942.40]
14ft Wide - 6ft in Height [+$10,432.80]
16ft Wide - 6ft in Height [+$11,923.20]

Sliding Gate


VTrack, Wheels, Guide Rollers, Cacher, Tail for gate Openers and Hardware.

Swing Gate


Attaching Brackets, J.Bolf adjustible Hinges, Door Bar and gate latches or Angles Plates for Openers

Desing description:

  • Frame: 2 x 2 x .125
  • Frame Hinge Side: 2 x 2 x .187
  • Desings:
  • Pikets:
  • Horizontal:
  • Bottom:
  • Top Plate:
  • Arch:
  • Post:
  • Drop Bar:
  • ------------------------------------->Note: Larger Frame will be use on large gate<----------------------------------

    Install High Quality Aluminum Gates

    Gates are the most important part of the house. They ensure safety and security of the place. When they become dysfunctional, the premises are very much on the verge of danger and possible risk of theft and break-ins. No one would want their place to be at high risk. However, some time back, I was having problems with the working of the gates of, which to a certain extent questioned the security of the house. They got jammed and would not operate. I was in a big trouble. I needed urgent and effective help. The help came in form of my uncle, who suggested a company that provided quick installation of electricaluminum gates. I started to search for them online and within a few moments, I was able to find their website.

    The website was very detailed and impressively designed. Each and every product or service offered by them was categorically arranged. The comprehensiveness of the portal made it easy to explore the contents on the website. I was able to gather their contact details. I called them on their number, which was mentioned on the portal. They responded rather promptly. I told them about the problem that I had with my gate. They took down the points and accordingly fixed the appointment for the work. Their professionals reached my place on time and within a few hours they installed the fully automatic aluminum eclectic gates. The price that they charged was also affordable. In fact, it was the lowest, on comparing it with the various companies that offered the same service.

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