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Eagle Gate Operators Electric Commercial-2000-DM Automatic Slide Gate Openers

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Part Number:Eagle Gate Operators Electric Commercial-2000-DM Automatic Slide Gate Openers

The Eagle 2000-1HP Sliding Gate Openers
The Eagle 2000 Series is a Premier Line of Heavy Duty Commercial Electric Sliding Gate Operators. The Eagle 2000 combine smooth and quiet operation with the power of durability necessary for all Commercial Electric Gate Operator application. This operators are manufacture in the
USA, with dedication to safety, precision performance, and dependability.

This Model can handle up to 45 Feet and 1,000 lbs.gates.
This operator is the answer to Heavy Gates commercial demands. Its dual motors uniquely working together, as one motor. The Liftmaster 1HP model performs exceptionally at commercial properties and large gated communities.

Eagle 2000 1HP Gate Operators or Gate Openers
2 Wire Maser/Slave - The Diamond board uses a unique Master/Slave system that requires only two wires.
One Pass - This tailgating feature works with the reverse loop to allow only one car to pass. After the car passes the gate closes instantly, if a second car approaches the gate stops, and resumes closing once the car has left.
Stop-Reverse - This radio feature allows the transmitter to work as a three-button station and is useful for partial opening. The first command opens the gate, the second stops the gate, and the third command will close the gate.
Timer - The adjustable timer can be set from 1 to 60 seconds, with a maximum run time of 60 seconds.
Overload - If the motor reaches the stall amp for 3 seconds, it will automatically shut down.
ERD - If the gate hits an obstruction while closing, it will re-open. If it hits an obstruction while opening, it will stop, reverse 6 inches and stop again.
The sensitivity is adjustable separately for the open and close cycles.
Global Inputs - The Diamond board's Global Inputs include key switch, keypad, exit loop, phantom loop, reverse loop, edge sensor, open, stop, and close.
Outputs - Outputs include on board 24 VDC for MAG Lock, alarm, and 24 VAC auxiliary power.
Receiver - The Receiver Terminal is mounted on the control box for easy installation and is pre-wired for a 3-wire or 4-wire receiver.
Safety Alarm If the gate hits an object twice while closing or opening, the system will shut down for 5 minutes. On the Diamond board you have two options for reset mode. Selecting the off position will require a manual reset of the board if the previous happens. However, by selecting the
on position, the system will automatically reset itself.
120 VAC Power Outlets - The operator contains two 120 VAC Power Outlets for the users convenience.
Power on/off Switch - The operator has an easily accessible power disconnect switch that allows for easy installation and service.
Warranty - Five Year warranty, extended to seven years if for residential use.