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FAAC S418 Electromechanical Swing Gate Operator,FAAC Swing gate Operator

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Part Number:FAAC-S418-Kit

Model S418 Electromechanical Swing Gate Operator

The FAAC S418 Electro-mechanical operator is designed for residential swing-leaf gates with single-leaf maximum length of 2.3m (2.7m with electric lock).

- Gates up to 500kg
- No need for hard stops in the floor
- This electromechanical swing gate operator uses 24V technology which makes it safer due to lower voltages being required to run the operator.
- Due to less voltage being required, the heat of operation is lower; therefore the operator can run at a higher duty cycle.
- There is a built in manual release device on the unit, and also an option of a battery backup, making the unit extremely reliable.
- Self learning of the operation cycle, through simple push button set-up makes installation straight forward.
- The unit contains integrated open and closing mechanical stops, which again saves time on installation and reduces costs.
- It has FAAC’s patented “2 easy” Bus technology making it easier to wire in accessories such as photocells.
- The operator is capable of moving a gate leaf up to 2.7m in length with lock, 2.3 no lock
- It has a long stroke and new multi-position fixing brackets which gives the operator more flexibility making it easy to install in a wide variety of applications.
- The unit has a locking gear mechanism that holds gates in both open and closed positions.
- Adjustable Speed settings
- Anti wind function

Power supply - 24 Vdc
Power - 35 W
Current - 1,5 A
Max. thrust** - 180 daN
Rod stroke - 350 mm (390 mm without mechanical stops)
Rod extension speed - 1.8 cm/s

Leaf max. width - 2,7 m*
Operating ambient temperature - -20° C ÷ +55° C
Weight - 6 kg
Dimensions (L x D x H) in mm - 825x104x125
Protection class - IP 54
Travel limit microswitches - NO
Opening and closing mechanical stops - YES