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FAAC S450H Hydraulic 24V Swing Gate Opener Dual Kit

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Part Number:FAAC-S450H-SB-Kit-Dual


Kit Includes: 2 - S450H SB Operator, E024U Control Board, 14X16 Enclosure, Power Supply And Batteries

The FAAC S450H automated system for swing-leaf gates con­sists of an electrical pump and an hydraulic piston transmitting the leaf movement, assembled in a single block.

The model with hydraulic locking does not require the instal­lation of electric locks and guarantees that the leaf is me­chanically blocked when the motor is not in operation. The model without hydraulic locking always needs one or more electric locks to guarantee that the leaf mechanically locks. The S450H automated systems have been designed and built to automate swing-leaf gates. Avoid any other use, whatsoever.

Hydraulic power with maximum safety and at the same time simple and quick installation .

• Private and light commercial applications for leaf length up to 2 m (CBAC) / 3 m (SB)
• High speed closing or opening (> 2.5 cm / s)
• Very precise pinch protection function and reversing the detection of obstacles thanks to the integrated unrestricted Bus Encoder (FAAC patent)
• Flexible and easy to install thanks to the multi-position adjustable brackets and long ejection rod (> 300 mm)
• the speed and power of the gate can be set using the electronic control unit
SB new system (version without hydraulic locking) with three-way valves (FAAC patented)
facilitate manual movement of the wing
• Integrated opening / closing mechanical stops that are part of the drive

Hybrid technology perfectly combines the advantages of both technologies - hydraulic
and 24V. This means robustness, high performance, reliability, speed control
and anti-crushing safety (obstacle detection).

Fast opening/closing speed: The S450H 24v operator can reach a maximum speed of more than 2.5cm/sec, i.e. more than 2 times of the current (hydraulic or electro-mechanical) operators on the market.

Integrated mechanical stops (opening/closing): Practical add-on opening mechanical stops are standard and can be used when the mechanical stops cannot be installed in the ground.

Maintenance: limited and cheaper with respect to an electromechanical operator eg in case of break-in an electro-mechanical operator is subject to irreversible ruptures and needs to be replaced, whereas hydraulic operators can be easily repaired (replacing the blocking valve).

• Condominium/residential and light commercial application, suitable for leafs up to 14 ft. (4.3 meters)
• High closing/opening speed (1 in./s) (2.5 cm/s)
• Very accurate anti-crushing and inversion on obstacles functions thanks to the integrated encoder
• Flexible and easy to install thanks to the multi-position adjustable brackets and the long stroke (12 1/4 in.) (311 mm)
• Gate speed and force can be adjusted through the electronic control board
• New SB system (no hydraulic locking version) with tri-drive valves (FAAC patented): easier manual leaf movement
• Integrated opening/closing mechanical stops included in the operator Suits a wide range of installations thanks to the multi-position adjustable brackets.
The encoder, integrated on the rear attachment, allows to perfectly control the operator in any position. Moreover, it ensures a very high accuracy in obstacle detection and a quick inversion, according to the UL safety requirements.
The Hybrid technology perfectly combines the advantages of both
hydraulic and 24V technologies. This means robustness, high performances, reliability, speed control and anti-crushing safety (inversion on obstacles).


·         Electric motor: 24 Vdc

·         Frequency of use: continuos use

·         Hydraulic lock: YES

·         Manufacture: FAAC

·         Rod stroke: 311 mm

·         Weight: 6.5 kg

·         Power supply: 230Vac 50 Hz

·         Motor power supply: 24Vac/ Vdc

·         Motor power: 70-288W

·         Current consumption: 7A

·         Operating temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C

·         Protection level: IP55

·         Thrust: 5000 (E124)- 3600(EO24S)N

·         Maximum length of Gate leaf: 2m

·         Working Cycle: 100%

·         Automation weight: 6,5Kg