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Garden Gate Diamonds High

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Sliding Gate


VTrack, Wheels, Guide Rollers, Cacher, Tail for gate Openers and Hardware.

Swing Gate


Attaching Brackets, J.Bolf adjustible Hinges, Door Bar and gate latches or Angles Plates for Openers

Desing description:

  • Frame: 2 x 2 x .125
  • Frame Hinge Side: 2 x 2 x .187
  • Desings:
  • Pikets:
  • Horizontal:
  • Bottom:
  • Top Plate:
  • Arch:
  • Post:
  • Drop Bar:
  • ------------------------------------->Note: Larger Frame will be use on large gate<----------------------------------

    Diamonds High


    This Lovely Gate although it looks simple there are a lot of detail work into it. Frame is from 1/2x1"flat,  Detail work all the designs are hold together by a decorative band which has gold highlights. Diamonds  High: Frame is from 1/2x1"flat, Detail work all the designs are hold together by a decorative band which  has gold highlights. all the designs are 3/16"x1/2, inner componets 1/2"x1/2"solids and the center  diamond is 1/4"x1/2" Includes Gate Latch, plates with hinges for installation on to your Column or posts.


    L. A. Ornamental Corp offers garden gates with different styles and designs to suit your decor needs for  an elegant, classic garden entryway gate. Our garden gates are constructed of aluminum or wrought iron for longevity and frequent use but have open  designs to allow a better view and air circulation to the entryway or walk way. Our Garden Gates or Walk Thru Gates posts include a pair of  heavy duty Bolt-on Hinges with a choice of gravity latches or magnetic latches (at additional cost) to secure the gates. You can choose from a large  selection of powder coated colors which withstand years of weather conditions. We recommend Aluminum as the Metal for your Garden Gates or Walk Through Gates.


    Aluminum has  many features - Aluminum will NEVER RUST!  Authentic Look of Cast Iron - Without the bulky weight and  maintenance. Strong Solid Structural Grade ½” to ¾” Cast Aluminum Ornamentation NOT cheap hollow tubing like most  others. While controlling access to your property may be an important part of your decision on buying a garden  gate or walk thru gate, our gates can visually enhance your property. Each gate offers elegance and beauty, while  serving as a secure and safety solution for your entry way needs. A good garden gate makes you want to sneak a peek at the landscape beyond.. But a great garden gate  goes further. It makes you want to meet the people responsible for its design just contact us to plan your  dream Entry Garden Gate A garden gate should reflect and convey the philosophy and purpose of the garden.


    Openness can be conveyed by pickets or wrought iron, Aluminum or a Combination as we offer on our Privacy Section. If the desire is for privacy or to give an air of mystery, make sure the gate is solid and this can be from an array of choices of Metal, Plexiglass and now metal slats that resemble wood with a large selecton of grain to choose from. Gates can blend in quietly or make a bold statement and some of our design reflect that.

    Color Chart

    Color Chart

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