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National Loop 6' x 12' Saw Cut Performed Loop Vehicle Detector Wire 50ft Lead

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Part Number:National Loop 6' x 12' Saw Cut 50ft Lead

National Loop 6' x 12' Saw Cut  Performed Loop Vehicle Detector Wire 50ft Lead 

    The saw cut loops consist of a non-spliced, machine-twisted lead-in, using polypropylene-wrapped copper wires. These continuous-length      inductive loops come in sizes 18GA PNL (1/8”), 18GA XNL (3/16”) and 14GA XNL (1/4?). All of our preformed inductive vehicle detection loops fit perfectly in a 1” deep saw cut. What this means for you is a significant reduction in time and labor due to its simple application. 
    Next, it means eliminating the guesswork for determining number of turns for optimal read-height. And because our wires are precisely stacked, it also means sealants will fully encapsulate our loops more effectively compared to that of hand-wound loops. Best of all, because we use a continuous wire throughout the loop and lead-in, our preformed loops result in remarkable accuracy, leaving peace of mind to all parties involved.
    Access Control
    Parking Barrier Gates
    Overhead Doors
    Gate Operators
    Traffic Signals
    Arming Devices
    Vehicle Counters
    One continuous wire throughout loop turns and lead-in
    Reduces guesswork of necessary turns for accurate performance
    Product flexibility allows for easy installation
    Our signature design allows sealant to fully encapsulate the loop
    Optimizes read-height, eliminates faulty signals, and minimizes 
    More cost effective when compared to hand-wound installations