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Padlock FJM Security Cabinet Locks 7432 L Black Combi Cam Ultra solid metal Cam

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Part Number:Padlock FJM Security Cabinet Locks 7432 L

Padlock FJM Security Cabinet Locks 7432-L Black Combi-Cam- Ultra Solid Metal Cam

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Combi-Cam Ultra

Combination cam lock with master key over-ride and code retrieval capabilities. Combination can be discovered with the key and then reset - no more tossing locks due to lost combinations!!

Our innovative dual access lock is better quality, more secure, easier to use, and more competitively priced than anything else on the market. Large, easy-to-use dials, user friendly functionality, etc. has already made this new product a favorite among our customers.

The secure, all metal cam lock offers pick resistant dials and over 50,000 possible key codes. Offers flexibility of combination retrieval or multiple person access, and can be installed vertically or horizontally.

The 7432 has 10,000 compared to the 1,000 of the 7440. The main difference is the code discovery. The 7440 code is discovered with the key inserted and rolling the dials to the right. The 7432 code is discovered by removing the lock. We call the 7432 the “Just in Case” Lock and the 7440 is for the “Forgetful Ones” or high turnover.


• Cabinet doors &drawers

• Lockers & Security Boxes

• Storage Compartments

• Chests, equipment and more

• RV Compartments

• Metal or Wood Applications

7432 L Features:

• Dual Access Combination Lock

• Secure- up to 10,000 combinations

• High security and pick resistant key way (over 50,000 key codes)

• User friendly knob w/ open/close indicators

• Dual access- use key or combination

• Knob actuates the cam with no housing to twist defacing surface

• Combination can be discovered and reset with master key !!

• Grand master keying (spcl order)

• Master key override

• Solid metal housing

• Easy to read dials

• Easy to set combination