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Stanard Picket Railing

Your Price: $54.00
Part Number:Stanard Picket Railing

Aluminum Stanard Picket Railing (( Price per Linear Foot ))

Desing description:

  • Frame:
  • Frame Hinge Side:
  • Desings:
  • Pikets:
  • Horizontal:
  • Bottom:
  • Top Plate:
  • Arch:
  • Post:
  • Drop Bar:

------------------------------------->Note: Larger Frame will be use on large gate<----------------------------------

Decorative Railings, Balcony or  Porch Decorative Railings,  or  Decorative Hand Rails are made  with different metals - Aluminum,  Wroguth Iron, or Steel. These  Railings for Balcony or Porch are  quality made for long lasting and  safety at affordable and  reasonable prices.Choosing the right Decorative Railings or Hand  Rails can make a big difference in your outdoor  space. If you are looking for a more decorative  approach you have several options to choose  from. It is important that you find a Porch or  balcony Railing Design that you are completely  happy with.

L. A. Ornamental & Rack Corp offers several different decorative styles that can be added to spice  up any standard Balcony or Porch Aluminum Railing or Hand Rails. Our line of Decorative Railings or  Hand Rails will add that elegant touch to your property. All of our styles consist of aluminum and  wrought iron construction for a lifetime of use and beauty.

Metal handrails can add a very appealing touch to your home or building on your balcony, porch, deck, or  interior handrails, as well as being extremely durable. Given that just about every home has steps, stairs or, at  the very least, a slope of some kind, so many properties could benefit from a well-crafted metal handrails either  indoor or outdoor.

Most metal porch, deck, balcony handrails are made of steel since it is cheaper than its main alternatives -  wrought iron and aluminium. The concept of metal handrails has changed considerably in the last few years.  Not long ago, all that was on offer were pieces of steel pipe or tube inserted through hoops which were fixed  to the wall or welded to posts. Nowadays the only limit is your pocket and your imagination. Metal handrail  comes in all  designs, colors, materials, and is made to suit just about every slope application you are likely to  encounter. Before you choose your balcony, porch, or deck metal handrails, you will obviously need to take into account  local regulations relating to stairs, steps, or open areas needing safety measures to be taken.

Color Chart

Color Chart


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