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Viking L3 2nd Gen Residential and Commercial Slide Gate Operator

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Part Number:Viking L3 2nd Gen
  • Viking L3 2nd Gen Residential :Operational Voltage. 24 DC with 1/2 HP Motor - Single Phase
  • Commercial Slide Gate Operator:Main Power Source . 115 / 230 AC
  • 24 AC/DC Solar Compatible
  • Battery . 7AmpHr 12 DC x 2
  • Max Gate Capacity .1600 lbs. / 60'

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Per UL325-2016 all gate operators sold in the USA after February 2016 will be required to have a monitored safety photo cell to prevent accidental crushing or entrapment.

Viking is proud to announce the 2nd generation L3 Slide gate operator. A few of the great new features include:  

 The newly redesigned L-3™ slide gate operator features the VFlex control board with on-board diagnostics LCD display and a removable power supply box for low voltage wiring.

The new chassis design provides easy viewing of the controls and integrated post-mount provisions. Featuring a built in heater, increased gate capacity of up to 1600 lbs., a 5 Year commercial or 7 Year residential warranty and Viking’s true battery backup system. The L-3™ includes simple push-button digital limits setup, lockable cover and convenient access to the switch for manual release making this operator an excellent choice for both your residential and commercial needs.


  • Operational Voltage .......... 24 DC with 1/2 HP Motor
  • Main Power Source ......... 115 / 230 AC Single Phase
  • 24 AC/DC Solar Compatible
  • Battery ............................. 7AmpHr 12 DC x 2
  • Max Gate Capacity .......... 1600 lbs. / 60'
  • Max Operating Speed ...... 12" per Second
  • Battery Backup ................ 100 Full Continuous
  • Duty Cycle(1600 lbs)
  • Maximum Duty Cycle ....... 100% Continuous Cycle
  • Operating Temperature .... -20° F to 160° F

Viking Blue Technology:
Plug and Play connection for “Viking Blue” add-on products.
Viking Blue – Wireless Diagnostic Tool provides diagnostic information wirelessly within range of the Control Board.

Lightening Protection:
Advanced lightning strike protection up 20,000 volts/10,000 Amps
On board surge protection monitoring

Solar Smart:
Power saving technology minimizes curret draw while at standby. New solar enabled feature to maximize operation time.

Diagnostics Display:
On-board LCD Monitor displays voltages, amps, gate status and diagnostics.

Viking RF-Link:
Plug and Play connection for "Viking Wifi" add-on. Remote access to the control board settings, programming, operator diagnostics, gate controls and gate status all from the convenience of a computer or any compatible handheld device.

Motor: 24 VDC 1/2 HP
Operating Speed: 12 inches per second
Duty Cycle: 100%
Battery Backup: 100 Cycles
Power Source Options: 115V/230V AC single Phase
Operating Temp: -20 F to 160° F

*Important #40 Chain Kit, Nickle Coated